Xinjiang, China’s Central Asia and incredible Tibet – Day 29

Day 29:

After a month long trip in most desolate areas of the world with so much beautiful landscapes, so much diverse culture, Kathmandu couldn’t offer much to us, we spent the morning to repack our suitcases and rucksacks to make according to the norms of flights and started for airport just after having a quick lunch. Air India was as usual late and Nepali Immigration were confused on whether to stamp departure in our passport or in boarding pass. Indians usually don’t get stamp in passport but we got it while entering from Tibet now with an exit stamp on boarding pass, made ourselves technically inside the Nepal for time indefinite, not sure what the implication is but we were not ready to think about that after such a satisfying trip for one month. We almost did what we planned except EBC and Nam Tso and that too without knowing the language and managing the complicated Chinese rules. In the flight I took left window and clearly could see Mt. Everest for one last time in trip and it was so much satisfying as the sun sets with its last rays touching the highest point on planet Earth. With the announcement in the aircraft “We have arrived Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at Kolkata and outside temperature is 26 degree C”, I just woke up from a dream I started to see since I was a kid in school. Every trip is result of a dream but this one was unusually long and got fulfilled after 30 years. It’s a pleasure to share a dream of life time with so many of you and thanks again for travelling with me .

At last boarding an Air India Flight to back home after one month of unforgettable experience (Felt so happy to see Indian Flags on the Aircraft ):

Kathmandu Airport


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