Life After Iceland

Respect re-restored for India

Though I was sad about leaving Iceland, I couldn’t wait to get back to India. I had this new found pride for my country. Before this trip, I too belonged to the group of whiners who just complained about how everything’s wrong with this country. The scams, politicians, gang-rapes…it really was depressing to watch the news anymore. I always used to wonder why does anyone travel to India? To see the the filth, chaos, to get constantly hassled by beggars or is it just bloody cheap here inspite of getting ripped off?

It’s a pity that it needed outsiders to make me realize how beautiful my country is. And when they tell you how beautiful your country is, suddenly you start thinking. How they enjoyed the little things in India that I had usually ignored. And when you are traveling to a foreign place, where people are curious to know about your country, you suddenly become the spokesperson for your nation. Surprisingly I just couldn’t stop talking about my country, it’s diversity of cultures and it’s generous hospitality. Felt great to be an Indian even though I had to go all the way to Iceland to feel that.

Missing Iceland like crazy

It was difficult to switch back to the daily routine. All I could think was those beautiful 14 days. I was still hung over Iceland. To relive the experiences, I used to go through the photos daily and then watch the beautiful Sigur Ros (Icelandic band) videos.


I don’t know how to conclude about this journey. Feels more like the beginning. The beginning of many more journeys. At the end of the day we all have a choice – We can either to stick to the same old routine and be another brick in the wall or we can dare to do something different. An year ago I was browsing through a link about Iceland as the place to visit before you die. And what followed was a journey of planning, obstacles, criticism, and triumph. Now that I have already travelled the destination, it is that hard bitter journey towards it, which feels more special than the destination.