Magical MP – Bhedaghat and Panchmarhi Part-1

With an awesome experience from Kanha we gone ahead with a break from forest again and heading for Bhedaghat via Mandla and Jabalpur. The few stretches between Mandla and Jabalpur was not that good, our first experience with bad roads in MP. But otherwise journey was smooth and we reached MP Tourism Motel Marble Rocks on time. The location wise the hotel is strategically placed close to all tourist attractions yet keeping a nice ambience. In Jabalpur which is just 24 km away, you would find ample accommodation options but in Bhedaghat you won’t find anything better than MP Tourism hotel. In the morning we visited the Dhuadhar Falls where Narmada river is jumping as falls, brilliant for your eyes but no so for your cameras as in morning you would face the sun while taking a photograph. Also if you want to enjoy the ropeway ride that takes you on top of falls and gives a nice view of marble rock, you shouldn’t try it before 10.00am as that’s when the ropeway service starts.

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Enjoyed the falls to its best and then in the afternoon took the boat ride in Marble Rocks. If you take a local council operated share boat, cost is nominal around Rs.20 per head but getting a separate small boat and going little further than designated mark is well worth of your money. The marble rock is also affected by pollution and to see the actual white marbles, you need to go further towards the Falls now a days. This is one of the best of natural wonders I have ever seen in my life. The boating usually runs from 7.30am to evening till sun set and for full moon and a day before and after that, it runs in evening time as well. Surely would be costlier but probably something one shouldn’t miss. The Marble Rocks where Narmada flows through a deep canyon with marbles on both side of it would hardly be 5km of length where boat ride is allowed only for around 2 kms but still it would be an amazing experience of lifetime. I took again the same boat ride in morning 7.30 and preferred the morning journey more as that’s when you would get a better ambience as no tourist would be there, in morning time usually wind speed is low and you get some awesome reflection of marble rocks in Narmada. If you are a lover of old monuments and don’t mind taking up 150 odd stares, Chushat Yogini Temple is also a must see for you.

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On the way to Pachmarhi we gone to Bargi Dam as well and impressed with the MP Tourism property there, the best we have seen among all MPT properties for sure. Location, ambience, cost, in all aspect staying a night here is recommended unless you mind having Veg Food. Had we been staying here, would surely enjoy an amazing sunrise and sunset on the backdrop of Bargi Dam, still enjoyed the speed boat ride, you can take paddle boats, water scooter as well apart from the nice ride in MPT vessels that takes you to sunset cruise in Bargi Lake if it gets sufficient number of tourists. We had a lunch here in MPT and then started our journey for Pachmarhi via Shahpura, Narsimhapur and Pipariya. Another 300km journey with mostly good to excellent roads can be covered easily in 6 hours with breaks.


Pachmarhi, we all know the hill station of MP, an excellent place but must be avoided during Shivaratri and Nag Panchami. I have earlier visited Pachmarhi and fascinated by its charm but with a festival in card and with lots of crowd, it lost its serenity. Pachmarhi has 9 MPT properties to choose from depending on your budget and the place actually is a trekker’s paradise. You need to spend 3/4 days at least to do justice to this place and its attractions.

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