Karnataka – Halebidu, Hornadu, Kudremukh, Srinigeri, Agumbe, Tirthahalli

Halebidu Temple:

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This was our longest and most difficult day in the whole plan and we started by 6.45 in morning just after sunrise. I discussed about the route to take with JP and HVK and finally based on all feedback we received, we took the longer route via Chikmagalur rather than taking Belur-Aldur straight road. Crossing Chikmagalur, we reached a place called Vastare from where we took a right again consciously to bypass mudigeri completely. We soon reached Aldur and after crossing Balehonnur we stopped for neer dosa at Bhadra Coffee Shop which was a nice place to have your breakfast with hot coffee. The road was ok type but very very scenic. After Balehonnur we took a left towards Magundi and crossing Balehole we turned right for Hornadu. The temple was at awesome scenic setting but like other South Indian Temples men have to remove their shirt to enter there. I had my darshan there and then turned towards Kalasa.

After crossing Kalasa we hit Kudremukh National park where a ban on mining iron ore by Supreme Court has turned this KIOCL township into a ghost town. But the whole drive till SK Border was amazing through lush green forests, many birds around and the beautiful mountains towering all around. If you have time you can quickly visit Hanumangundi Falls too. From SK Border we turned right towards Srinigeri and as we were informed the road turned quite bad. Some 20km of very bad roads and 10km of ok roads would take you to Srinigeri. In Kudremukh once you enter, you have to cross the forest check gates in other sides (One in Kudremukh side through which we entered, one each in two forks of Y in other side, at Srinigeri and at Karkala side) by 1 hours 30min unless you visit Hanumangundi falls which allows you an hour extra to cross the stretch. This is a stretch must visit for any one who loves driving in forest road.

Srinigeri temple was nicely located beside the left bank of Tunga river and we were surprised by the number of fish one can spot on standing at the river bank there. The temple reopened at 3.30, we had our darshan and moved towards Agumbe which was a nice road anyway.

Agumbe is a famous hill station and rain forest having King Cobra sanctuary. We went to the sunset view point which is some 2 km beyond the town, enjoyed a magical sunset from top of Agumbe which is nothing but on top of western ghats to see sun going down in the planes below.

We started our last phase of journey towards Tirthahally, which is hidden treasure of Malnad beauty and the Vihangama resort where we booked our stay found to be an awesome place to chill out. The food, accommodation, service and the resort as such was really wonderful and it was affordable too.

Car Odo Reading:

Belur – 45249
Chikmagalur – 45275
Vastare (Turn Right) – 45286
Aldur – 45295
Balehonnur – 45328
Magundi – 45339
Balehole – 45352
Hornadu – 45369
Kalasa – 45377
Kudremukh – 45390
Hanumangundi Falls – 45418
SK Border – 45421
Srinigeri – 45452
Agumbe – 45482
Tirthahalli – 45517
Vihangama Resort – 45522

Badra Coffee shop:


On the way to Hornadu:


Hornadu Temple:


Tea garden enroute Kudremukh:


Entering Kudremukh National Park:


Driving through Kudremukh National Park:

DSC_30388 DSC_30391

Srinigeri Temple:


Sunset at Agumbe:

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In the morning we roamed around the resort, chilled out in the nice river beach adjacent to the resort, witnessed the mists kissing the river flowing silently to have a wonderful start of the day. Today primarily was a driving day when we moved out of Malnad and headed towards Badami at Northern Karnataka. Once again it’s the knowledge of HVK that came extremely handy in choosing the route.

We took Tirthahally – Shimoga – Honnali – Harihar (Entering NH4) – Ranebanneur – Haveri – Hubli (Leaving NH4) – (Entering NH218) – Navalgund – Nargund – Kulgeri Cross and taking right to Badami. The NH4 was superb 4 lane highway. NH218 was 2 lane but extremely smooth and the rest part of road was good too.

We covered 440 km in 8 hours flat. We booked at Maurya Chalukya, a KSTDC Hotel there at Badami where again we found rooms quite good but absolutely no service. My kid was unwell with some stomach upset and that caused us a delayed arrival here.

Car Odo Reading:

Vihangama Resort – 45550
Shimoga – 45611
Honnali – 45656
Harihar – 45694
Haveri – 45750
Hubli – 45828
Navalgund – 45870
Nargund – 45893
Kulgiri Cross – 45918 (Take right to Badami)
Badami – 45939

Mist on the river at Tirthahally:

DSC_30457 DSC_30459

The nice river beach adjacent to the resort:


The resort:

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Sun setting on the way to Badami:

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