Amazing Arunachal – Mechuka

Day 14:

This was a very clear and sunny day as we prayed for in Mechuka. Just after getting out of IB, we saw this is a place very similar to a centrally located valley like Kashmir surrounded by high barren mountains of Ladakh. Last evening due to low visibility we couldn’t see the mountains and snow peaks so close to us but in morning everything was so clearly visible, we found snow peaks all around. Actually it snowed in Mechuka just 4/5 days back, so mountains with fresh snow was glittering in morning sun. The town was small but very nicely located with small huts, the river Si was flowing across the valley, with narrow wooden bridge was bearing the signature of Arunachal. This is one of the Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) of Indian Air force, so the runway separates the town in two parts with ALG located centrally. I enquired but at least then there was no regular flight / helicopter services for locals or tourists. It was solely used by IAF to monitor the remote borders and supply rations to the remote areas.

Morning in Mechuka:


From IB, Mechuka:


Front of IB, Mechuka:


View of the town in backdrop of barren mountains:


The Advanced Landing Ground of Indian Air Force:

DSC_0535 DSC_0536

Road towards Yarlung:


River Side:


My kid was trying to cross the foot bridge with Ashim:


Panoramic Mechuka:


We had our breakfast and had the whole day in our disposal to roam around Mechuka. So we started around 8.30 in morning and first place to go was the river side, what a awesome place it was with that narrow bridge and snow peaks in backdrop. We spent some time to cross over that bridge and it really needed some courage to cross those bridge as those are almost broken in many places and you had to put your feet carefully and along with that it started swaying with slightest breeze, now the place was quite windy, so it would take us at least 20 mins to cross the bridge which actually could be crossed in 5 mins. There were villages in other side of the river too but all of them looked simply like painting on the mountains. Honestly I have seen very few places in my life that is more beautiful than Mechuka. We moved further had talks with new generations of Adi and Memba communities, and saw an IAF flight was landing in that short and narrow air strip, they were all amazing moments.

The signature foot bridge of Arunachal:


Shot taken from Bridge

DSC_0559 DSC_0560

Mechuka Town: DSC_0561

Mesmerizing Location of Mechuka:

DSC_0562 DSC_0568

This group of local guys of Mechuka were very friendly:


Winter Approaching:


Indian Air Force Flight is ready to Land:

DSC_0583 DSC_0584

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